30 Unique Beachy Themed Dorm Room Ideas

Are you starting your freshman year of college this year? Maybe you are heading back as a sophomore, junior or senior but want to change up your dorm decor? We have collected some inspiring beach themed dorm room ideas from the internet to keep the summer going once you hit the books. Take a look at these college dorm decor ideas that give us major beachy vibes!

With having a small space, like in a dorm room, you need to incorporate things to add height. I hung plants and a clothing rack from the ceiling and also added things such as a fake fiddle leaf fig tree and floor length mirror. Vertical or tall pieces help to make the room appear larger, as do mirrors.

Try below ideas:

1. Chill Surfer Feel
The surfer look is ideal for the student who likes neutral tones and minimalist bedding. These crisp white sheets and a wall surfboard balance the room with a chic yet simple feel.

2. Boho Ocean
Bring the ocean to you with an ocean adorned wall hanging or canvas painting. Throw on some blue and aquamarine toned pillows and you have a cohesive beach themed dorm room style.

3. Aqua Additions
It will give a Bold and bright ambiance, this dorm room offers an ocean-themed art triptych that adds the right amount of color to bare white walls.

4. Wall Statement
If you are trying to find a way to cover up the boring white walls of a dormitory, there really is nothing better than a wall tapestry so large that you will feel like you are surfing the waves of your favorite summer beach, all semester long.

5. What about Sandy Linens
Looking at this space you will want to jump in for a nap immediately. With comfy and cozy linen bedding and a sunset beach wall tapestry, you will forget about the stresses of classes.

6. Palm Oasis
If you are thinking beach tropical, then grab yourself a palm tree wall tapestry and you are good to go. Add some indoor palm trees or fiddle-leaf figs for added tropical effect.