36 Unique Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

These days, there is one thing you might’ve not given much thought to is how much time you actually spend in your bathroom. You get ready for the day in the morning, you get ready for bed at night, you primp for dates or hanging with friends, you shower, you actually use the bathroom…the list could go on. With all this time spent in the bathroom, it’s important to have a space that makes you feel good. And while this is all super important, let’s get real for a second. For many of us who are living in our first apartment or something within our budget, we don’t exactly get the cream of the crop when it comes to bathrooms. So, if you’re working with a less than desirable bathroom or minimal space, here are some small bathroom decorating ideas to spruce up that space and give it that faux million-dollar makeover.

We have collected many small bathrooms decorating ideas from the internet. Please check the gallery. Get inspired. We also share some points that might be useful for you when you want to start decorating your small bathroom.

1. Maximize Your Ceiling.
Maximizing our space by taking advantage of our ceiling is something many of us don’t think to do! (If you’re allowed to) make use of yours and add hanging air plants to the ceiling.

2. Always Paint Bright Colors.
It’s honestly amazing how much a little pop of color can add to a drab room. If you’re faced with a bathroom that has bland walls and no character, add it yourself! Bright colors will instantly liven up any space and make it that much more inviting (especially in the morning when you’re just not in the mood.)

3. Ensure to Build From The Ground Up.
If you’re working with an especially tight space, incorporating ladder shelving is one of my favorite hacks. You’ll notice many of these small bathrooms on this list use ladder shelves not only because they’ll maximize your space but because they look super chic as well!

4. Minimalist Accents always works.
Sometimes we prefer to keep our bathroom decor and accents to a minimum, and that’s perfectly O.K. A few chic furnishings like a wall mirror or a basket are all you need to keep it looking organized and fresh.

5. Think about Wallpaper: Add Kind Words.
We all want our bathrooms to be a happy space. Adding wall art with our favorite quotes is a great way to keep a space inviting.

6. Latest style: Boho Chic.
You can never go wrong with a bohemian vibe. Tribal prints, bright colors, greenery, that’s all you need to dress it up when it comes to small bathroom decorating ideas.