40 DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

Everybody knows that a father is a big star on Father’s day. What we don’t know? What to get Dad instead of a store-bought World’s Best Dad coffee mug or another tie to add to his collection? Let’s give him a present that he will never forget

Instead, let’s give Dad something he’ll truly cherish! Here are some DIY Gift ideas for Father’s Day you can make with your Dad this year. It’s a Father’s Day present he’ll never forget!

1. Picture Frame
Now a picture frame isn’t exactly revolutionary but how cute is this one? With the addition of a few nuts and bolts, you can give Dad a great photo and cute decor for his workroom. Put some unique stuff on the picture frame

2. Photo Block
This one is definitely a team effort but how cute would this be on Dad’s desk? With a simple wooden block and a couple of pictures, the kiddos could definitely help Dad make this bad boy! Just think, Dad can wield the power drill to drill the holes for pens while the kiddos conquer mod podge for the photos!

3. Unique Art: Handprint
Dad might be a big softie with a heart of gold… but he’ll never sit down and ask you to make him a sentimental gift. He has to keep up that tough guy image after all! So a quick and easy craft like this handprint wall sign would be perfect for Father’s Day! Have everyone in the family leave a handprint so that Dad has something fun to remember all of those little fingers by!

4. Leash Holder
Man’s best friend definitely needs to come into the picture this Father’s Day! I know one of my Dad’s favorite things is to go hiking with his golden lap Rocky. So this year build a fun little spot for Dad to keep man’s best friend’s leash!