40 Living Room Decor Ideas and Designs for Your Home

Depending on the budget, not all homes are built to include a large and spacious living room. Many space-challenged apartments and houses even have to double the living room as the dining area or the home office. But, you don’t need to worry, with proper planning and space-enhancing techniques, small living rooms can be just as beautiful, organized and welcoming as larger ones. Here are small living room ideas and designs that can turn a cramped room into one that is cozy and inviting, the crowded space into roomy and delightful.

We have gathered many ideas on the internet in this article. We hope that the pictures in the provided gallery can give you some inspiration on how you should decorate your living room.

We also provide some tips for decorating your small living room in the most efficient and effective ways. Most of them are not expensive. Get inspired 🙂

1. Always Use Clear Windows
Opening small rooms will extend the vision and create an illusion of bigger space. This living room converted an entire wall into one large window and painted the room in white. The large window lets in maximum lighting. The light blue-grey seating and the gold standing lamp break the monotony and give the room its posh and comfy vibe.

2. Simplicity: One Sofa Living Room
This small living room comes big in style. Its main feature is the classic light brown leather sofa. To complement the sophisticated look are the diamond patterned rug, vintage standing lamp, and the sleek center table. The minimalist glass pane divider gives the space a contemporary look.

3. Decorate your Wall
Do not waste the vertical space of your walls. When pressed for space, use a wall for the entertainment center. Installing a couple of floating shelves will provide enough storage and display space. Go for a sleek, wall-installed TV for space efficiency and modern look.

4. Try to Use a Latticed Partition
Defining the space will help make the room look complete and put-together. When you have ample space and prefer the open floor plan, the trick to separate rooms is to leave spaces in between. But, when you’re limited on space, go with dividers and separators. This streamlined lattice partition effectively defines the room without cutting the line of vision or cramping the room.

5. Put some Functional Side Tables
Multi-functional furniture can save you much space and money. This storage and side table is designed for small spaces. It’s slim built will easily fit into cramped spaces. Its top box and undershelf also serve as storage for living room items like magazines and remote controls.