44 Dorm Room Inspiration Decorating Ideas

When you are going to stay away from home for school, one of the most exciting as well as challenging things is anticipating living separately from parents. For first-time doers, this will be a new experience that will shape who they are in the future. Finding dormitory is a good option for this type of university students because a dormitory typically joins a large number of students into one dormitory building. Some even place some students in one dorm room.

What you need to know when opting this type of living is having friends to share a room with so that they can know when you are sick or in need of help for other matters. Another benefit is you can learn from your roommate a lot, especially if you are very fortunate to share the room with a smart student or a kind-hearted, mature student whom you can obtain psychological support.

The word “dormitory” itself comes from a Latin word, dormitorium, which usually refers to a building that provides rooms for sleeping and living for many students. Usually, dormitory is made available by high school, boarding school, college, and university management. In Indonesia, dormitory is found in state universities and Catholic-based senior high schools. There are several dormitory types; one large room with dozens of beds or one room for two students. Each room accommodates students from the same gender.

School or university managements usually require their students to fulfill certain regulations. One of them may prohibit the inhabitants on decorating rooms as they wish. Another thing that should be taken into consideration is that you will share the bedroom with a roommate. Respecting each other’s privacy is the most important thing to do before you start organizing the bedroom. In this case, communication is a key to make each other feeling convenience and if possible, can instead work together to the make small space of the two becomes a very nice spot to do many things.